Christmas In July: TTM Edition (Matt Williams)

Not too long ago I posted an article about TTM autographs and some tips on how to obtain them.  Around that time, I also started getting back into collecting TTM autographs and sent out several requests myself.  Well, the returns are starting to come in and it really is Christmas in July!

On July 1, I received an envelope in the mail and I knew right away what it was: a TTM request return.  But, the process in which I label the envelope is so that I will not know what player I’m getting the return from until I open it.  The only clue I have before opening is the postmark but usually these things take so long that I forget who I’ve sent a request to by the time it’s returned to me.  The postmark on this particular envelope said capitol district so I was hoping that it was something from the Nationals and I knew that I had sent Matt Williams a request.

Lo and behold, upon opening the envelope I was ecstatic to see what I was had hoped was inside: a signed 2015 Topps Heritage Matt Williams card!  This is my second Matt Williams autograph but my first through the mail.  The other was obtained in-person prior to a Pirates/Diamondbacks game at PNC Park in 2002 (I believe).  I was never a huge fan of Matt Williams but I ALWAYS respected the way he played the game and how he manages the Nationals today.

Overall, this request took just under a month as I sent the request out on June 8 and it was received on July 1.  And the best part is it only cost me around $1.25 when you add up the cost of the two stamps, two envelopes, and the card itself.  Money well spent!

Matt Williams TTM


  1. When i was little one of the sports card magazines i subscribed to had a weekly article devoted to successful TTM autographs (including addresses). I actually did this and received back autographs from Superstars. Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Will Clark and David Robinson. Since they were such stars i have always wondered if they were real or faked, but the SASE came back to me so someone opened it up and sent it back. The Joe Montana one looked like it was done in a machine, but the other ones looked legit, and as a kid it was awesome. I liked this old article because they also gave names of players whom were retired, and i also received replies back from Al “the Mad Hungarian” Hrbrosky (sp?), Mark Fydrich, and Tony Kubek. It did feel awesome to receive them.

    1. I’ve heard that Montana was not always authentic with his fan mail requests for autographs but I have never attempted it myself. I also know of one person in my area that received David Robinson autographs back TTM in the early 90s as well and they were legit.

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