CM Punk Autos Selling Well on Release Day

If you’ve followed us on Twitter today, you have seen the tweets about how well these cards are selling.  The first tweet was this morning, just after the first one became available.  This afternoon, Ryan Cracknell posted a piece on about early sales.  The reason I posted throughout the day is that I want one of these.  First items onto eBay tend to pull the most money, so I am biding my time and watching sales closely.





This was the first copy to hit eBay.  I messaged a friend to let him know that the first had hit.  By the time he saw it and clicked, the card had been sold.  It lasted just 15 minutes online before selling for $140.


Less than 20 minutes after the first card was bought, this one was listed.  As of this writing, it’s the one that has lasted longest online with a Buy It Now.  After 53 minutes, it sold for $115.


An hour and a half later, this one was listed.  It lasted 43 minutes and sold for the highest price so far, $175.  This only accounts for completed items.

Listed Sold B/A Sold For Item # Serial # /199 Swatch Color
20-Apr 11:21a 20-Apr 11:36a B $140 191852404986 112 white
20-Apr 11:53a 20-Apr 12:46p B $115 172174476006 166 black
20-Apr 2:12p 20-Apr 2:55p B $175 252362469333 157 red
20-Apr 4:40p 21-Apr 4:40p A 301935665221 53 white

As you see above, there is a fourth listing.  The first auction is up and the opening bid of $189 has been made.  As of now, this will be the highest selling price.

There are a couple of things I find interesting.  The prices we have seen are for one color swatches.  When will we see a multi-color and how much will it go for?  Also, why are these selling for more than Punk’s WWE items, as limited as they are?  Is it Blackhawks fans picking these up?  Only time will tell.

I am more than happy to post some updates, if readers are interested.  You have to let us know through interaction, however.

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