COMC Pickups…to get Signed

If you read all of our posts, you know that I picked up a lot of cards before the Indianapolis 500, in hopes of getting some signed while I was at the race.  As I mentioned in a Sportslots pickups post, I didn’t have any luck with that.  However, I am going to send a lot of these through the mail to get signed.


Shelby Blackstock currently runs in Indy Lights, a developmental/feeder series for IndyCar.  What you may not know is that Blackstock is Reba McEntyre’s son.


These 1990 Action Packed Prototype cards aren’t very easy to come by, by 1990 junk wax standards.  You CAN find them from time to time but sellers typically want a good amount for them.  I’d seen these on COMC but wasn’t willing to pay the seller’s price.  Eventually they were marked down, so I picked them up.  They aren’t in the greatest shape, but I knew that when I made the purchase.  I will likely try to get them signed.  If I don’t, I will just look for upgrades in the future so that I can have the entire set.


I wanted to have a non-glossy front Dario Franchitti card just in case I was able to get a signature, so I picked up the Sports Illustrated for Kids card.

I picked up the low-grade Parnelli Jones cards exclusively for autograph purposes.  The price was right.  The cards are actually from the 1968 American Oil set.  They were released in panels, each containing two cards.  I plan to acquire complete panels with the Parnelli Jones cards on them in the future.  The card is included on panels with famous names like Willie Mays, Bart Starr and Babe Ruth.

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