Current Auction Houses with Open Auctions You Should Check Out.

Contrary to what many appear to believe, there are options other than eBay to purchase or sell cards online.  I’ll be writing another post in a few days asking why YOU are allowing eBay to dominate the marketplace.  For now though, I want to let people know about some other auctions that are currently live.  Click on the links to view the auctions.

If you haven’t looked at these online auction houses, make sure to read all of the rules, etc. if/when you sign up.  Unlike eBay, where the buyer pays all fees, most online auctions have a “buyer premium” added to them.


Small Traditions Auctions – Auctions end Saturday January 23.

This auction has over 1,700 items and is very heavy on Baseball Cards (556) and PSA Graded Cards (622).  For baseball collectors, there are 27 Kahn’s Weiners cards graded PSA 10, including a Pete Rose.  At a quick glance, it looks like the auction is exclusively baseball.

Heritage Auctions – Auctions end Sunday January 24.

Heritage has over 2,500 sports items currently up for auction.  Almost 1,600 are baseball.  The front page alone has graded baseball Hall of Famers cards as far back as the 1930s.  My favorite may be the SGC 70 1953 Topps Jackie Robinson.  As of this writing, the current bid  is $201.  A click to the football tab shows modern items, so there may be something for a lot of people.

JVSC Auctions  – Auctions end Tuesday, January 26.

Just so you know, “JVSC” stands for “Joe’s Vintage Sports Cards.”   The current auction contains 200 items, 102 that are graded.  I was able to find three football items and the rest look to be baseball.

Steiner Sports – Auctions end Friday, January 29.

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely heard of Steiner.  The current auction contains 360 items.  Most items in Steiner auctions are memorabilia or photos.

Love of the Game Auctions – Auctions end Saturday, January 30.

If you love vintage baseball memorabilia, this is an auction you need to see.  It’s not every day that you see items like these.

Items look to be mostly memorabilia, photos, etc.  There’s not much in the way of trading cards.

Beckett Auctions – Auctions end Sunday, January 31.

Beckett’s January auction contains almost 2,500 pieces across multiple sports, but is dominated by baseball (1,100 items).  As a vintage collector, I’m not a fan of how Beckett auctions are such a mix of vintage and modern.  However, if you’re into modern items, this is an auction worth checking out.

Sterling Sports Auctions – Auctions end Thursday, February 4.

From Sterling’s Home Page: “Auction #49 will include part 4/6 of a break up of complete sets of T205s, 220/221 possible all graded SGC, #2 on the registry and average 55, part 3/5  T202s, all PSA and part 3/5 of the scarce 1933 George C. Miller all SGC.

The auction contains 858 items, 663 that are baseball.  When lot numbers 1, 2 and 4 are graded Ty Cobb cards, how do you not take a look?

If you choose to bid on anything, good luck!  If you win an auction, make sure to let us know about it!

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