Dallas Card Show Acquisitions – 9/14/18 ***T206 ALERT!***

If you saw my last post, the Dallas Card Show is today and I went to set up night, last night.  I’m not going back today and made my purchase last night.  I didn’t think I’d make it to another show until February because of college football season and my upcoming wedding on January 29 (we’re getting married on OUR birthday).

I received the familiar green postcard from Roger Neufeldt this week.  I decided to head up last night in search of a T206 card or two to add to my collection.  I am ecstatic that I did!  


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  1. Dude! I mean…awesome pick-ups all around…but Matty? That thing is great!
    And I had no idea that he won the pitching triple crown in 1905. Cool stuff.

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