December 13 Card Show Pickups

I wasn’t even going to go to this card show.  I’m not the biggest fan of some of the guys that set up there.  It seems to be more of the guys that are just info quick flips and whatever can make them the most money.

However, I knew that Matt was coming from Austin to set up, so after a little encouragement from the lady, I decided to go.  I knew it would be a quick in-and-out, but it was going to be worth it.  I’ve mentioned him in previous posts, but I “met” him a few months ago at a card show and we realized that we are both on the forum.

When I got there to pay my admission, the promoter needed to go to the front desk to get change (really??).  I glanced around the room and was pretty discouraged because I didn’t see Matt.  Once I moved a little, I realized that he was right behind one of the pillars and just couldn’t see him.

I headed straight for his table and said hello.  Immediately, he pulled a card that he said he brought for me.  After seeing it, I recalled him telling me that he had it.  I was extremely excited, as it was a former Mountaineer, and I even used it as my Vintage Card of the Day that day.

1952 Bowman Small #99 Joe Stydahar

He showed me a small stack of 1955 All-American cards knowing that I’m working on the set.  I only found one that I needed, the Nike Kinnick. I didn’t think I’d end up picking it up, knowing the going rate for the card.  I asked him what he wanted for it.  After taking a close look at it, he quoted me a fantastic price, so I decided to go ahead and snag it as well.  I thought it was really cool that he told me it had been in his collection since he was in his teens.  I know it’s had a good home and it will certainly continue to have one.

1955 Topps All American #6 Nile Kinnick

I also picked up a card and held for awhile that I ended up not purchasing.  It was a signed Stan Musial 1962 Topps card.  It wasn’t the main card, but one of the subsets.  I believe it said something about him playing his 20th season.  Matt had acquired it in person, so I had no concern on the authenticity.  Ultimately, I realized it just doesn’t really “fit” with my PC and that I could probably better use that money, even at what I felt was a good price.

I ended up going through his football singles and pulled out three Ken Herock cards.  When I saw the first one, the name sounded really familiar.  I turned it over and as I was thinking, he played at West Virginia.  I ended up grabbing all three of his cards that I came across.

1966 Topps #112 Ken Herock
1964 Topps #141 Ken Herock
1969 Topps 4-in-1 Stamp #62

When I got home and looked Herock up on Sports Card Forum, I was mildly surprised to find out that he only has three mainstream issue cards listed and I picked up all three of them.  He also has a Raiders Team Issue card and three Coke Caps as well.  I may even have one of those caps somewhere.  There are two somewhere in those boxes of cards that I have, but I can’t remember who they are.

The lady and I had decided to try out a restaurant up by the show that day, so she went with me.  While I was at the show she ran an errand and when she texted me that she was there, I did try to hustle it up a little.  I settled up with Matt and headed over to say hello to Rich.

He excitedly told me that he’d picked up some vintage hockey off of Matt (you don’t see that much down here) and asked me what I thought.  I took a look and was pretty happy for him.  There were a good many names I know.  I mentioned that I wished I’d picked up the Ted Irvine card.  I’ve been wanting one, but not badly enough to pay $4 on eBay for one.   He didn’t say too much so I asked him if he even knew who Irvine is.  He didn’t and while I know he doesn’t watch pro wrestling, I asked him if he knew the name “Chris Jericho.”  Jericho’s given name is Christopher Irvine and Ted is his father.  Rich kinda chuckled, thanked me for the knowledge and told me that I could have the card.  I resisted slightly at first but he insisted so I happily walked away with it.

1969-70 Topps #103 Ted Irvine

I ended up picking up another card for my 1955 All-American set, a few for my WVU PC and Chris Jericho’s daddy’s card.  Not a bad haul if you ask me.  Not everyone has to walk out with a new Kris Bryant or Conoor McDavid card to be happy.

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