Dollar Box Pickups from Saturday’s Show

You may or may not have seen that on Saturday, I set up to sell at our local card show.  I feel like it was the most steady traffic that I’ve seen at a show since I moved to Fort Worth.  I may have seen more people in at once, but this show was hopping all but the first and last hour.  Even though there wasn’t as much time to look around as at other shows, I still made use of the early time I had.

My observation is that a lot of people don’t like to look through boxes of cards.  It seems that I am not “a lot of people.”  Matt always has a $1 box and he’s had new items at it at any show that I’ve made it to.   I don’t believe I’ve ever walked away without any cards from it.

I picked up eight cards from one set.  With vintage sets having smaller sets, picking up lots of cards makes it more likely that I will want to start working toward acquiring the set.  This is no exception.

This was the only non-football card that I picked up from the dollar box.  I did pick up a couple of others that I will post about in the future.  Dale Murphy was my first “favorite” player.

I was SO going to be Dale Murphy when I grew up…I just knew it!

Somewhere along the line, I must have unloaded most of my Murphy cards.  That, or they were lost in the fire that burnt down my dad’s house.  I’ve decided to being passively collecting him again so I was really excited when I came across this one.  It’s in much better shape than the 1980 Topps I had before.  I’m sure of that.

I wasn’t born until 1979, so I know Merlin Olsen as a football announcer or the FTD guy or Jonathan Garvey or Father Murphy.  To most football fans, he is a Hall of Famer and picking up his card for a buck was a no-brainer.

I have a couple of 1955 Frank Gatskis and probably a handful of other cards.  It’s only a 160 card set, so I’m likely close to 10% of the way there.  I will probably just acquire any more cheap ones that I can come across and down the line start thinking about it.

I love dollar boxes.  I love vintage.  I really love dollar boxes that have vintage in them.

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