Don’t Like Allen & Ginter? GET OVER IT!

It’s Allen & Ginter time and we all know what that means.  There’s a bunch of bellyaching and whining happening on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and anywhere people can find to complain.  Hell, there are probably items listed on eBay and people are whining.  It’s the same thing year after year. 

I’m tired of it.  I want it to stop.  If you’re one of the whiners, I have three words for you.


One of the podcasts I listened to mentioned an incident where some jackwagon tweeted something negative at Mike Oz about being in the set.  You know what?  He’s butthurt because the path he chose in life didn’t put him into the position to get into the Allen & Ginter set. 

If Topps contacted him about being in the set, you know he’d jump at the opportunity.  I despise when people use the word “hater” to describe someone that doesn’t like their team, but in this case “hater” feels like the appropriate term.  Jealousy is a stinky cologne. 

A final point about Mike Oz and his inclusion in Allen & Ginter.  He has a lot of followers on Twitter that aren’t card collectors.  I challenge you to find anyone in the 2019 Allen & Ginter set that’s not involved in the hobby and it tweeting more about being in the set.  He’s tweeting about HIS card to people that might not collect.  That’s a good thing for the hobby. 

2019 Allen & Ginter Mike Oz Autograph

Earlier I was watching an Allen & Ginter box break on YouTube.  Naming names is unnecessary, but I will say that he has a good YouTube following and is also on Twitter.  He complained about Topps including professional skateboarder Rodney Mullen in the set.  Next up in his complaints was about the insert sets.  He stated that he doesn’t like those things in his baseball cards.

2019 Allen & Ginter Rodney Mullen Relic

Hey pal, this is Allen & Ginter.  It’s this way every year.  Why are you buying the product if you dislike so much of what’s in it?  The format hasn’t changed.


Topps releases dozens of sets a year and caters them to different collectors.  There should be SOMETHING for you.  Whether you collect high-end or low end, or are a set, team of player collector, Topps produces sets for you every year. 

Despite what many collectors think, the purpose of Topps’ business is to make money.  Were you aware of that?  Producing a set that includes Mike Oz, Rodney Mullen, Gary Vaynerchuk, Mario Andretti and many more may interest non-collectors enough to buy a few packs or boxes.  Even if only a few dozen catch the collecting bug, isn’t that good for the hobby? 

Oh that’s right, that doesn’t matter to you.  It’s all about you, to hell with the hobby!


I almost forgot to say one last thing.  If you don’t like the set, DON’T BUY IT!!!  There are plenty of others that love it.  We know of Allen & Ginter master set collectors.  Reading blogs, I’ve seen the Gint-a-Cuffs (I believe that’s what it’s called) posts from multiple bloggers.  Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean there’s not a place for it in the hobby.  Do I think that everything Topps does is great?  If you follow me on Twitter, you know the answer to that.  There are things I’d like to see and I plan to write a post in the next few days.  Topps does a great job with the set, but there’s always room for improvement. 

Please tell me how wrong I am, or if you agree with me any additional thoughts you have on why this is a good set.

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  1. I agree in principle with what you’re saying. LOVE the insert sets this year. Not a huge fan of the non-baseball personalities this year though. That’s what I’d be ‘complaining’ about if I was to do such a thing.

  2. Well said! I’m in agreement with you here. Topps A&G is a very unique and collectible set. Has potential to influence non-collectors.

  3. I think that this is more about the fact that a lot of people just like to complain, especially on social media. It also probably doesn’t hurt that negativity generates clicks, so if someone is making money off of their “opinions”, it generally pays more to s*** all over everything.

  4. Great read man! There is an arrogance in the hobby reminiscent of Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons, where crapping on everything in an attempt to be edgy is all people want to do. The Hobby is like going to a restaurant everything on the menu is not going to be something you like. Find what you do and move on

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