Double Autograph Mailday

Kin Kinsley
August 12, 2016

I’ve met some great people in the hobby, even if I’ve just “met” them online.  Sammy is one of the best.  He let me know that he had a couple of John Klingberg autographs and asked me if I wanted them before he sold them elsewhere.  

When the Dallas Stars called Klingberg up, he immediately made an impact.  The wifey and I became fans immediately.  I claim him as mine, since he IS my favorite Star.  She’s torn between him and the pretty boys (Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn).

My Klingberg collection is nothing like the Andrew Shaw project.  It’s actually quite limited.  I have five or six Young Guns and a couple other random rookies.  I didn’t have an autograph yet, so I was thrilled to get two at once!


We are fighting over this one.  Well, fighting as much as a couple that never fights can fight.  She finds it a bit more visually appealing, and so do it.  I’ll likely just pick up another so that we “both” “have” one.  That’s what I did with Mike Modano, I picked up two of the same one, so there was no arguing.


This one isn’t chopped liver or anything, but it’s just not quite as pretty.  It’s still nice to have in the collection.

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