Facebook Group Mailday

It’s not just on feeBay where you have to be quick on the draw.  I saw this card listed for sale at a good price in a Facebook group devoted to vintage football cards.  For some reason, I tend to get the Don Hutson and Tom Harmon cards mixed up.  I checked as quickly as I could to see if this was the one that I needed for my set,  but was concerned someone else would snag it as I was looking.

Obviously they didn’t, but I beat someone else to it by just a couple of minutes.  It showed up Tuesday and I’m happy to add it to the set.

1955 Topps All American #35 Tom Harmon SP
1955 Topps All American #35 Tom Harmon SP (back)

It’s not a high grade card, but with a “book” value at $100, I was thrilled to pick it up at the price that I did.  After this add, I am now 59% (60 of 102 cards) complete with the set.  More additions to come shortly.

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