Facebook Group Trade #1 for the 1955 All-American Set

I’ve been in a “Vintage Football Cards” group on Facebook for a few months.  I’d never made any purchases, sales or trades, but once I updated all of my galleries and checklist on my All-American set, I decided to post.  It’s not often that cards from this set show up on there, but when they do, they are popular.  There are quite a few people working on this set.  I’ve seen cards go for more in an auction format on there than they do on eBay.

I have a gallery with my set and also one for my extras.  I think it was a day or two and I’d not seen any replies, but then I got a couple within a few hours.  The first to respond was Mike, who is the moderator for the group.  He was interested in two cards.  The second guy was interested in three, but one of the was one that Mike asked about.  I went in order of who replied first (seemed to be the only fair way) and was able to complete two trades.

The first trade was with Mike.  He was interested in two of my cards but only had three extras.  Of those three, I only needed one, the Ken Strong.  He sent me a pic and the card was in decent shape.  I offered him the two that he needed for the Strong, not thinking he’d want to do that.  Much to my surprise, he did.  Just a few days later, I was one card closer to completing my set!

1955 Topps All American #24 Ken Strong
1955 Topps All American #24 Ken Strong (back)

The card is obviously off-center and has a bit of blue ink on the surface.  However, the cards I traded away weren’t in any better shape.  I’m not trying to put the set together in immaculate shape.  I just want to get all 102 cards and then upgrade over time.  Also, I’ve noticed on quite a few cards the blue ink.  I am guessing that this was a printing issue of some sort, though I could be wrong.  It was a nice change being able to make a trade as opposed to purchasing.

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