Football #Mailday – Not Many of Those For Me

I don’t collect much football.  I rarely trade for or buy anything these days that isn’t somehow NCAA football related.  I love my Mountaineers (in the old gold and blue, only), some Auburn guys from time to time if I get them cheaply and maybe the occasional random thing.  I don’t bust football boxes anymore, so my football collection rarely grows.

However, I did pick these up a few weeks ago (yes, I’m way behind on mailday posts) from a guy in my hometown.


No explanation needed here.  He’s struggled in the NFL (as I predicted he would), but he was still a beast in his time at WVU.  Despite multiple fractures to his feet early in his career, he was mobile enough to run when needed and was the triggerman for the most exciting offense that THE West Virginia University football program has ever seen.

I was really happy to add this to the other handful of Smith autographs.  We share a name, how could I not be thrilled?

2013 SPx #125 Onterio McCalebb
2013 SPx #125 Onterio McCalebb

My #2 school is Auburn.  However, it is a very distant second.  I just picked this one up as a throw in.  McCalebb was a threat to score any time he touched the ball at Auburn and was one of my favorites to watch.


This one, I simply picked up because I want to do this set.  I have a bunch of commons that I picked up from Baseball Card Exchange in Indianapolis and when I have spare time (isn’t that a joke as a collector?), I may just get on that project.  I love the throwback/vintage look cards.  It’s been almost 15 years since Topps resurrected the 1955 All-American design, so I think they are due to do that soon.  Those are possibly my favorite cards ever.

Hope you enjoyed a quick look and will come back for more mailday pieces!

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