From My Collection: 2003 John Candelaria Donruss Team Heroes Auto

One of the biggest questions I get as a collector and as a part-time dealer is:  What do you collect?  Well, that’s an easy and sometimes difficult question to answer.  So, with this column I intend to periodically “show off” some of my favorite cards in my collection.

The first card I’m going to share with everyone is a 2003 Donruss Team Heroes John Candelaria autograph #d 59/100.  The interesting part of this card is without a doubt the autograph as Candelaria signed it “Candyman,” which was a nickname of his throughout his career due to the pronounciation of his last name.  While this card holds no significant book or selling value, it will always be a permanent part of my collection because I’m a Pittsburgh Pirates fan and I love quirky cards, as well.

(I hate sticker autographs but this is one time that I will make an exception.)


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