Gold Script #Mailday for #TheAndrewShawProject – These are Tougher to find than you Think

I know that a lot of collectors today don’t like serial numbered cards.  Well, they don’t like them unless they are a memorabilia or autograph.  Because of that, if you’re a player collector, you can sometimes find them cheap.  That’s the case with today’s mailday piece.


I know that this looks like nothing impressive.  That being said, I am pretty sure that you don’t collect Andrew Shaw cards, so you might not realize they are tough to find.  The Gold Scripts were available only in retail product.  They are numbered out of 100, but it doesn’t appear many of them have hit the secondary market.  This is one of three Shaws I have seen.  The first one I bought back in the fall.  The second one is on COMC, but the seller is asking $12.95 for it.  I won’t pay THAT much for it.  The one pictured above is the third and I picked it up on eBay a couple hours after it went up.  It had a $1.29 Buy It Now price tag.

A quick Ebay Search of “2014-15 MVP Gold Script” returns just 23 current items and three of those aren’t even the Gold Scripts numbered to 100.  If you turn that same search to completed auctions, you get just 36 total listings.  I understand that these cards were released almost ten months ago.  However, at 3,000 total Gold Scripts, that seems like a small amount available.  I know there are player and team collectors out there, so all of that makes me wonder why secondary prices are so low.

I anticipate that we will see more of these come to secondary market in the upcoming months.  The 2015-16 MVP product is scheduled to release in August and the blasters from this season will likely be marked down.  The retail blasters were likely bought by or for kids before due to a lack of inserts.  However, we all know it’s tough to pass up marked down blasters, and the adults will be buying some of them.

Still, understanding that, I am surprised at how low the secondary retails are.  Of the completed auctions on the search mentioned above, the most any went for was a Vladimir Tarasenko that went for $12.  There isn’t much supply, but there seems to be less demand.  I’m planning an upcoming blog post that digs a little deeper into numbered cards.  Keep your eyes open for it, if you’re interested to read.

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