Happy Opening Evening of the 2015-16 Hockey (Card) Season!

The rush for Connor McDavid rookie cards has officially begun with today’s release of 2015-16 MVP Hockey. While the MVP base cards are what you’d expect and the inserts/parallels are basically the game, there have been some minor changes this season.  Last season’s short prints had the same design as the regular print run cards.  There was no way to know the short prints other than by card number.  This season the short prints are the “NHL Territories” cards.

I like what Upper Deck has done here, along with making the jersey NHL Territories design.  There are NHL Territories autographs, but the Pro Sign autographs return as well.


The swatches appear to be small on the jersey cards and the autographs are stickers.  While two things I do not like, I can tolerate it since this is a low end product and the card design itself had some thoughts put into it.

As you can see below, redemption cards have made their way to eBay.  Most anticipate that this card will turn out to be Connor McDavid and the asking prices reflect that.


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  1. I really like the NHL territories insert set, nice design, and on the jersey card version, although the patch is small, it is well integrated into the design, unlike the autograph versions, which they should have shifted a few things around to make look a bit neater. but all in all for a budget set, its a pretty good set. the rookie checklist is solid for it being only holdover rookies.

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