High Number and Low Grade…but Still on a High

Kin Kinsley
August 4, 2016

My plan is to eventually start putting together older football sets, likely in low-grade.  I will probably do it just to have a project and for the fun of it.  I will likely stick to ones pre-1970, but there’s one post-1970 set that will be a challenge (and expensive).  It’s well out on the horizon, but that’s why I picked up these cards.

If you collect vintage football cards, you know about the 1972 Topps High Series.  If you don’t, you might find this article interesting.  The only cards I have from the high series are the two Steve Spurrier cards.  One I picked up on COMC in low-grade and the other was a Random Act of Kindness from Invest in Baseball.

These were on a Sportlots.com auction and even though I went a little higher than I initially said I would, I still feel I got them for a steal.  Yes, they are low-grade but most copies sell for much more than I paid.


A search of recent sold items for each of these cards comes up with numbers I’d be very hesitant to pay for a common from a 1970s set.  That’s even with those cards in mint condition.

  • Jerry LeVias raw copies sell in the $8-20 range
  • Jim Marshall raw copies sell in the $19-32 range
  • Tommy Nobis raw copies sell in the $9-18 range
  • Doug Cunningham raw copies sell in the $9-18 range

Yes, many would be willing to pay those prices to complete the set.  Also, many people are worried more about grades and conditions than I am.  With shipping, I paid less than $2 a card for these.  For the way I collect, this is definitely a win!

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