Hobby Palooza 2020 Streaming this Weekend on YouTube

What is Hobby Palooza 2020?  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that The National was supposed to be this week.  For many, the most anticipated part of the show isn’t adding to one’s collection.  You can do that on eBay.  Many look forward all year to interaction with hobby friends spread across the world.  That may have been taken from us, but as thehobbypalooza.com says, the “goal is to replicate this (the community of The National) in the most natural way possible.”


Something about the hobby that frustrates me is that collectors are quite segmented.  You have podcasters, breakers, YouTubers, Twitter-ers, Facebook users, message board members and you have folks that are none of those.  While this is being hosted on YouTube, everyone should join in.  If you want to, you will certainly find new hobby friends and hobbyists that collect similar to how you do.


I am honored that TripleCrown24 has asked me to co-host his hour segment.  If you know JT from his YouTube channel or Twitter, you know he’s a Miguel Cabrera super collector.  If you know me, I’m a recovering Andrew Shaw player collector (click to go to my YouTube channel).

Any guesses what our hour will focus on?  If you guessed super collecting, you win…well, there’s no prize but you have the honor of being the smartest person reading this post at the moment.  It’s not just the two of us discussing the topic.  We will have guests on and as with all shows, there will be a live chat.  Show time is 6pm eastern.

Also, if you’d like a shout out to help get your collection out there, click on the link in the tweet below.

JT is also helping raise money for charity.  You can find out more about that, and what we will be doing in general, in this video.

GoGTSLive talked about HobbyPalooza on their latest show.


Make sure to keep an eye on thehobbypalooza.com for any updates or additional information.  This is being hosted by BenchClear Media, so make sure you subscribe to their YouTube channel.  

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    1. If I got one more viewer, I consider this a success! Thanks for checking out the post and for watching!

  1. Good luck, I’ll do my best to attend! I’ve just started dipping my toes into the YouTube waters a bit as far as collecting goes, so I’ll subscribe to you and check out your backlog of videos!

    1. Thanks for checking out this post, and the sub on YouTube, Shane. Blogging was one of the things that I just felt was taking a lot of time away from my personal life, so I’m (obviously) writing a lot less. What I love about YouTube is that it’s more visual, and also that it takes less time. I can make at least three videos in the time that it took me to write this post alone. If you want to start making videos, reach out to me and I will answer as best I can. You have my email!

      1. On the flipside though, most people can read more than three blog posts in the time it takes to watch one video, which is probably why so few bloggers bother watching card videos on YT.

      2. I can watch/listen to 50 videos throughout the course of the work day, I can’t do that with blogs.

    1. Hopefully you have an account and sign in. Would love to see you pop up in chat! We’ll also be doing a stream today to prepare and discuss tomorrow, if you’d like to subscribe to JT’s channel and join us.

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