How To Get Someone From USPS On The Phone

Recently, I returned an order to but it never reached it’s destination and I’m still in the process of getting my money back.  However, this is more about the USPS and how difficult it is to get an actual person on the phone.  During my investigation as to what happened to my package and trying to figure out whose fault it actually was, I made several calls to the USPS using their toll free number.  But, after making several calls and trying multiple option combinations to try to get an actual person on the phone and not just the automated system, I don’t think I’ve ever been so irritated with a company’s lack of customer service.

So, one day I decided to do a Google search to see if anyone else had either had the same problems or maybe even a solution.  Well, I was in luck! I actually found an Etsy discussion post with my exact problem and a possible solution!

According to the author, this is what I needed to do:

Call 1-800-275-8777 and press 6. Don’t say anything while you hear the automated messages, just press 0 after (or during) every option. It will take a bunch of automated messages, what ever they say, just keep on saying nothing and choosing 0. They will try to get you back to the automated system by telling you there is a high calling volume and long wait time, it’s a trick, again, press 0. Finally they will ask if you want to hear the entire USPS privacy policy (uhm why?) again, just press 0.

And then it happens, after a short wait you will get a live person. I had a very nice lady who was very thorough in explaining and checking. They will check the tracking number and open an investigation case, give you a case number and tell you someone will call you back within 1 business day.

Guess what!  It worked on the first try!  You have no idea how happy I was to get this done and I can’t thank the discussion author enough.  And I figured, if I was having this problem, I know someone else out there is too and I should post this advice.

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