Hunter Pence Doesn’t Sign Autographs Through The Mail

Today’s mail day was like getting a bad Christmas gift. Tons of excitement leading up to the opening and then BAM! Disappointment.  I got home today and saw the white envelope waiting for me and the return address read SF Giants Clubhouse.  It’s been a while since I’ve sent any autograph requests out so I wasn’t really sure what player this TTM was from but obviously it was a Giants player.   

Upon opening the envelope, I saw that the items sent to me were from Hunter Pence but the bad news was that the card was returned unsigned.  

The one kinda cool thing about this return was that the letter sent back to me was personalized somewhat mentioning me and my son by name.  That was a nice touch and that will have to do for now.

Better luck next time!


    1. I’m not sure now. I sent that to the team address when he played. He did respond to this article on Twitter saying he must’ve missed it by accident.

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