I love Swedish Meatballs…and a good Swedish #Mailday

Perusing through the posts on Sports Card Forum one night, I found a trader looking for Jesper Fast.  Knowing I had a couple of autographs, I contacted him to see if he was interested.  After a couple of weeks of working on the trade and adding in some additional cards, we confirmed the trade and the wait was on.

It was a longer wait than normal, coming from Sweden, but was well worth the wait.  This was the centerpiece of the trade on my end.  I just love stick cards.


The other key for me was getting this card.  Dirk Graham was the captain of the Blackhawks when I first got into hockey.  I’ve acquired a few certified autos of former Hawks over the course of the last few months and this one has found a good home.


Finally, just some others that I had a minor interest in and was still able to pick up.  It would have been a fantastic trade for me even if I hadn’t come away with these, but I’m happy to have them!  Nothing wrong with some small pieces for the PC!

img138img139 img140

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