I Ripped It: 2016 Jose Bautista Topps Double Play

You may remember my post a couple weeks ago about pulling a Jose Bautista Double Play rip card from a retail pack of 2016 Topps Series 2 and my dilemma of whether or not to rip it. 


I ripped it!

I just couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled the card on June 24 and I think I finally ripped it on July 1. Honestly, it took all I had to wait that long. Pulling a rip card is something that I’d never done before. Actually, I’ve never even had one in my possession and I thought this may be the last time I ever would. 

So, I had to do it. I had to see what my potential prize could be. 

This is where the disappointment sets in. My prize could be an autographed card. You’d think that the subject would be Jose Bautista, but if you read the fine print, it reads “may not be from featured player.”

What a crock that is! How can my prize not feature the player on the card? I guess that would make too much sense. 

Granted it could be someone better than Bautista, but it could also be someone worse than Jose…way worse!

Hopefully, the Blue Jays make it to the playoffs and Bautista records a hit in one of those games so I can see this thing through. However, even if they don’t, I’m left with a true 1/1 that I pulled myself and that joy can never be taken away!

Happy collecting!


  1. Well, I hope he gets that hit and I hope you enjoy adding a new Hector Olivera autograph to your collection. I swear his cards have been in every recent break posted to the Blowout Cards forums.

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