I’m A Pack Geek Too

A little more than a year ago, I found the Pack Geek web series on YouTube and ever since, it’s been a must-watch for me. Proving for the thousandth time that it’s a small world, I found out that Jeff is local and we started chatting via social media.

I met him a few months later and he told me he’d like to get me on to an episode. It took almost a year but we were able to make it happen a few weeks ago. He had some 1989 Fleer packs on the table and I was excited to rip into them! I have a story about opening packs IN 1989 (I tell it during the episode. Also, who doesn’t want to try and pull a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie or a Bill Ripken error?

1989 Fleer Bill Ripken variations

I had a great time and Jeff told me that this was the longest episode yet. I do like to hear myself talk. If you want to hear my story about 1989 Fleer and know if we pulled a Ripken or Junior, you’ll have to watch the video.

1989 Fleer Ken Griffey Jr.

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  1. That brings back some memories. I busted two boxes of ’89 Fleer in the early 2000’s in hopes of finding Billy Ripken…that was a fun video to watch. Nice work, fellas!

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