I’m Sad About The Hobby I Love

I never thought I’d be as sad about the hobby that I love as I currently am. Perhaps it’s just something about today. Maybe it’s because my age has a new first number since I wrote my last blog post. I just hate that the innocence is gone.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve known it’s not the same hobby I grew up with. People tell me that there have always been people looking to make money off cards. I’m sure that’s true, but I entered the hobby as a kid and could buy packs for 50 cents.

The Internet Brings Out The Worst In Our Hobby

The internet has plenty of benefits. I greatly dislike talking on the phone so the internet helps me keep in contact with folks I otherwise may not. It allows me to see pictures of my niece on a consistent basis.

But then there’s the “other” part of the internet. The web allows bottom feeders of our society to come out and play. Well, come out and rip us off.

People have been scamming on eBay since it started. That’s nothing new. However we also now have group breaker scammers, Facebook scammers and repack scammers. I’ve been fortunate to never be scammed (and have little sympathy for many that have been), but I have pretty common sense. It’s a shame that we have to have social media accounts and sites dedicated to calling out scammers and informing others about them.

Whether you like the Sports Card Radio guys or not, you can’t argue with many of their points. On their latest podcast, Colin and Ryan correctly point out that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows if Gary V brings in new people to the hobby. That just means more eyes will be on the hobby.

That leads me to…

Card Producers’ Lack of Accountability

While I say “lack of accountability,” I could just as well say shadiness. There’s no need for me to list Panini’s shadiness when someone else already has.

LINK: Panini America Greatest Hits of Fraud, Scams & Mistakes

On top of all that, Panini is the absolutely worst about inserting redemptions and sticker autos (which are two of the worst things in this hobby). A Class Action lawsuit has even been filed against Panini over their redemption card practices.

Enough With The Bickering and Whining

Just like eBay scammers, keyboard tough guys have been a thing since the internet became a thing. It’s just getting old seeing grown men acting like eight year old boys insulting each other. If you don’t like something that someone does, just ignore it and move on.

Buyers whine about sellers and sellers whine about buyers. We get it, everyone other than you in the hobby sucks. You’re also much smarter than everyone else. Thanks for letting us know, even though we don’t care.

The Money Is Killing The Hobby

Some wise man once said that money is the root of all evil. Take a look around our hobby. It’s an accurate statement and may be ruining our hobby. The greed of BOTH the companies and collectors has sent the hobby I love into a downward spiral.

I’m so tired of hearing about breaks, grading, card trimming and all the shadiness in the hobby that stems from greed. I’m not into collecting those things so it may not push me away from the hobby.

My Future

While it may not push me away from the hobby, it could. I’m a grown man with a good life. I don’t like putting myself into situations that make me unhappy. That’s why I don’t follow political accounts. They all make me mad. I have a great life and wife, I don’t need that. If you told me now that within five years I’d be completely removed from the hobby, I wouldn’t call you crazy.

Hopefully it’s just a bad day. Maybe it’s because I’m a grumpy old man.

Perhaps this is who I am now.

I suppose we will see what the upcoming months and weeks bring. Maybe I need a break or maybe my time has come to exit stage right.

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  1. Great post. It truly is sad and disappointing that people find the need to rip off others. Not sure how these people can live with themselves. Anyways… collecting to me is about having fun adding new autographs and vintage cards to my collection. Once it stops being fun, I’ll quit. Unfortunately… I always find myself coming back at some point.

    1. It’s truly sad indeed. I doubt I leave the hobby, but could DEFINITELY see myself spending less time on Twitter (which I have been lately anyway). I just want to make collecting great again!

  2. Great post, Kin! There’s an awful lot to digest here. First off, bringing up all of these things doesn’t make you sound like an old man (yelling at a cloud), if somethings sucks, it sucks! No matter how old you are. And there certainly are a lot of sucky things going on with card collecting as of late, and most of it seems to be getting fueled by people on Twitter, and on toxic forums like those of Blowout. It’s not easy, but the only real solution to these people, is to try and block them out (or not follow them). From personal standpoint, I’m really tired of hearing about Gary V., he seems to only be interested in things for financial gain, and he’s creating a lot more people who are coming into the card hobby for the same reason. The bickering does get old too, I don’t why there are so many people who like to sh*t on everyone else’s happiness, but there are, and unfortunately, as long there is social media, there will be those kind of people. As far as the companies and their greed goes, well, with the monopoly that they currently have, and the rabid “investors” that that they currently have, nothing will be getting better anytime soon, in fact it’ll just keep getting worse — the only real solution to that seems to be to just not buy their products, or if you do, buy the cards on the secondary market so they don’t end up getting any more money.

    1. You’re absolutely on point…except that I do like a lot about Gary V…just not the cards part. He does have a lot of good messages about being kind and empathetic and uses his platform to stress them.

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