1997-98 Jambalaya Michael Jordan

INSERTED #1 – 1997-98 Jambalaya Basketball

The 1997-98 Jambalaya insert set from E-X2001 kicked off my new monthly “INSERTED” segment on the Fat Packs Podcast. We talk all things about the set including the checklist, recent secondary sales on eBay, grading and more.

Please have a listen and leave feedback below in the comments. What things about the set did we miss. What can we do better?


#1 – Allen Iverson

#2 Anfernee Hardaway

#3 Dennis Rodman

#4 Grant Hill

#5 Kevin Garnett

#6 Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan 1997-98 Jambalaya #6

#7 Shaquille O’Neal

#8 Tim Duncan

#9 Keith Van Horn

#10 Stephon Marbury

#11 Shareef Abdur-Rahim

#12 Kobe Bryant

#13 Damon Stoudamire

#14 Scottie Pippen

#15 Eddie Jones

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  1. Late 90s basketball inserts are basically > than all other cards, including baseball vintage.

    1. It sure seems that way and I don’t quite understand it. Who is buying them?

    1. Oh, man…but anyone that’s collected as long as we have has regrets about some card they let get away.

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