It’s a small world after all. What are the odds?

As I was packaging a card up to ship out a couple of weeks ago, I noticed something interesting.  The eBay user ID seemed familiar, but over time, I’ve had people order from me multiple times.  As I was pulling out a bubble mailer to use (yes, I reuse them), the craziest thing happened.  The return address on the mailer I pulled out matched the address I was shipping to.

You may or may not remember this post about picking up an Andrew Shaw stick card, just because it was serial number 007.  That is the card I picked up off him just a couple of weeks prior.  It still would have been surprising enough had both transactions been cards from the same sport.  However, what he picked up off of me was a WWE card.

With all the users on eBay, it just seemed so random that this would happen.  Have you ever experienced something like this in your time collecting?  I’d love to hear about it.

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