It’s Raining in Texas and the White Whale has arrived

Within the last week, I’ve written about my finding one of the “white whale” Andrew Shaw cards and then, after purchasing it, one showing up on eBay.  The website I found it on was one that I was unsure of, but I took the chance.

It arrived on Thursday and I couldn’t be happier.  While not happy that it was shipped in a plain white envelope, it arrived safely, so the end result is what’s most important in this case.


If you’ve ready previously, you probably know that Andrew Shaw is my PC.  I have long admired the “Hockey Super Collector HOF” forum on Sports Card Forum, and my goal is to one day be there.  I was a Blackhawks fan in the 90s, and Roenick was my favorite player.  Add those two together, and this card is easily among the top cards in my PC.  I don’t have any one in particular that I’m attached to, so this one may even take the top spot.

The copy of this that showed up on eBay ended last night.  I set my alarm for a half hour before it ended so that I didn’t forget to go look at it.  It was still in my wheelhouse at that point.  However, with about five minutes to go, I lost focus and forgot about it until after the auction end. No worries, because in the last five seconds, two people placed bids that send the card higher than I was willing to go for a duplicate card.

I wouldn’t mind having another to go in the Roenick PC.  However, I’ll stick with my one and sometime down the road, more of these will make their way into public.

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