It’s Tough to find cards I still need for #TheAndrewShawProject, so it was a great #mailday

This was certainly one of the longest waits I think I’ve had for an Andrew Shaw, but it was well worth it.  A week or before I “won” this on eBay, I was sniped at the last minute on one.  With the card being three years old, I was certainly upset because there’s no telling when another may surface.  I’m sure there are a number of these in PCs and many still not open.

2011-12 The Cup Gold Spectrum #171
2011-12 The Cup Gold Spectrum #171

The card was shipped from Canada just before I moved, so the seller used my old address.  I still hadn’t received it after a few weeks, so I contacted the seller.  He told me that recently it had been taking longer than normal for his items to get into the States and just asked me to wait.  The seller has excellent feedback so I wasn’t worried about any shadiness.  I waited a few more weeks, and still nothing.  Finally, I emailed him on a Thursday to let him know it hadn’t arrived.

When he replied, he said that if it didn’t show by Monday, he’d refund my money.  It never showed and I hadn’t emailed him later that week, when my girlfriend said that I had a package in the apartment office.  I knew I wasn’t waiting for anything (else) and got excited.  She sent me a pic and it was from London (Ontario), so I knew that it had made it!

Turns out, the mail service didn’t forward it, so it showed up in the new tenant’s mail.  We’re pretty sure it was there awhile before they brought it over.  It doesn’t matter, though.  The card has made it into the collection, where he is safe and sound with my other Shaw cards.

You can see my Andrew Shaw collection here, if you are interested.

Happy collecting!

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