Jedd Gyorko Addition – I wish more sellers were like this.

While this card fits with my PC, there is only one reason that I picked it up.  It was cheap.  The seller charged 50 cents shipping and shipped in a PWE (plain white envelope).  We need more sellers that do this.

I hear over and over people complaining and those people need to think outside the box.  Most of the time, shipping is $3 in a bubble mailer when you purchase something online.  I paid less than that for this card.  If shipping had been $3, there’s no way I would have even considered this card.

If you’re buying a $10 or so card, or one that costs more, I understand.  I would want it shipped in a bubble mailer and well protected.  However, for $2 total, I was willing to take the risk on this piece for my PC and it paid off.


If this had come in damaged, then I guess I would have been out two bucks.  It’s not the end of the world, nor would it have been the seller’s fault.  USPS keeps raising shipping fees and if collectors want to continue buying some lower end cards online, they will need to get out of the “bubble mailer” mode and take a few chances.

After all, it was $2.  If you need $2 THAT badly, then maybe you should take a little time off from the hobby until you’re in better financial shape.  It’s a hobby and people shouldn’t be putting themselves into a financial crisis collecting.

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