Jose Reyes: From Superstar to Suspended

Jose Reyes is on the brink of being suspended by Major League Baseball (MLB) for at least 60 games after being arrested last October for assaulting his wife. Even though no charges were filed since his wife did not cooperate with the police, MLB is taking this matter very seriously, hence the suspension. 

It’s hard to believe that Reyes was once a superstar for the New York Mets alongside David Wright and thought to be on his way to a stellar career. He was even the National League Batting Champion back in 2011. 

All that leads me to the point of this writing. 

I recently purchased the card pictured. It’s a 2001 Topps Chrome rookie card of Reyes that has been graded a Gem Mint 10 by PSA. 

Ten years ago, I probably would have had to shell out $6-10 for a raw copy and almost $100 for a PSA 10. But, thanks to his fall from grace, I was able to purchase this card for a whopping $2 plus $3 for shipping. 

I doubt he’ll ever return to the prime playing days he enjoyed as a Met, but this was a card I couldn’t pass up as a lifelong Mets fan and as someone that always had this card on their bucket list, albeit it was more of a priority when he was in the orange and blue. 

Happy Collecting!

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