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I’m putting out another call to action to those in the hobby family.  We have some folks that could use our help.  Do you REALLY need that blaster or hobby box of cards you’re going to buy this week?  Could you instead help out some folks in our hobby that have some medical issues and could use a little support?  It doesn’t have to be much.  Can you spare a $10 bill to each and wait another paycheck to buy that blaster?  I know you can.  I believe in you.  Think about it this way, what if it was you and your family?  How much would you appreciate the support from the hobby family?

I can’t write these any better than they were originally written, so I won’t.  I’ll just copy and paste.

Support Autumn & Stuart Payne

A few days ago, Stuart Payne, who just celebrated his 26th birthday, went in to the hospital for what he thought was the Flu. After being told it was mono, further tests instead revealed a Brain Tumor, and a preliminary diagnosis of Stage 4 Cancer in the Lungs & Liver. On Monday he undergoes surgery to remove the Tumor.

I have been honored to know and work with Stuart for quite some time now. A loving husband, a Middle School Pastor at Bethlehem Church in Gastonia NC, and one of the most kind individuals I know.

Stuart & Autumn face quite a fight ahead of them, and the financial burden that accompanies it, is astronomical. Every little bit helps.

I will be providing regular updates to the page as they become available. Thank you all.

Keep Pounding!

For those that may not know, Stu Payne is the co-host of the “Lemme Get That Podagraph” sports card podcast.  He was also on the main stage at the past National, on the Podcast Roundtable.

You can view and contribute to the Go Fund Me to help the Payne family with Stu’s unexpected medical expenses by clicking on the link below.

Support Autumn & Stuart Payne

Dena’s Kidney Fund

Rich Klein is a longtime hobby member.  He has worked for Beckett.  Currently, he works with COMC and also writes a monthly column for Go GTS.  Dena is his wife.

In his words:  “my beloved wife Dena is having what we hope is a minor procedure to clear out scar tissue so dialysis goes smoother. We’re still hoping and waiting for new kidney. Please help if you can — donation or being match-tested.

Please consider donating to help with the massive expenses that come with dialysis and more.

Dena’s Kidney Fund

If everyone in the hobby could donate just $5, we could really help out these families.  As I asked earlier, what if it was your family?

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  1. I read your article on the card collecting in Morgantown. Both sets on grandparents are from Morgantown and Westover. One worked on the locks and one owned the cemetery monument shop. Thanks for the jog of the memories!

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