Liberating Bill Vukovich from Canada

I have enough eBay saved searches that I’m almost at the limit.  I’ve had to delete some to add others.  I’m glad that I did.  If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have this card right now.

It’s from a set that I didn’t even know about, but it popped up because of a saved search that I have for another set.

Parkhurst cards were made in Canada and the seller was in Canada.  I guess Bill Vukovich has spent over 60 years north of the border.  It was my obligation and destiny to bring him home.


“During 1954, Parkhurst Products issued a 40-card set of “Race Against Time” trading cards that were issued with Parkies “Race Against Time” Bubble Gum (4 cards per wax pack). The cards measure 63.92 × 88.9 mm, and are assigned the American Cards Catalog reference number V339-12.

The cards are printed on medium gray and a light tan card stock. The cards depict all forms of speed and endurance racing (racing cards of boats, horses, runners, sports, aircraft, spacecraft, etc.) on the front along with the card number and a very brief description. The image areas of the cards are centered and surrounded by a thin black rectangular borderline. A medium-sized four-sided margin completes the card front. The majority of the cards (35 of 40) are presented in a landscape (horizontal) format. The remaining five cards are presented in a portrait (vertical) format.

All 40 of the card Backs are presented in a portrait (vertical) format. The card Backs contain the set title(s) and more comprehensive descriptive text printed in both English and French. The card Backs are also boldly marked “Printed in Canada”, which also serves as a divider between the English descriptive text (top) and the French descriptive text (bottom). These cards were issued four to a wax pack marked as “Picture Cards of Famous Speed Races”.”

1954 Parkhurst Race Against Time #32 – Bill Vukovich (front)
1954 Parkhurst Race Against Time #32 – Bill Vukovich (front)

Just a year after his Indianapolis 500 win, Vukovich died from injuries sustained in a wreck during the 1955 race.  Many, including Indianapolis Motor Speedway historian Donald Davidson, feel that if he hadn’t died, Vukovich would have been successful to the point of being mentioned as one of the best-of-the-best at the track.

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