LISTEN: Podcast Roundtable from NSCC 2018

As someone that wasn’t attending the National, the thing I looked most forward to was the podcast roundtable.  I get it, I’m biased.  I have two good friends that were on the panel and I’ve been on podcasts with both of them multiple times.

The podcast roundtable host was Eric of the Fat Packs Podcast.  The Panel was Drew and Stew of Lemme Get That Podagraph, Rob and Ivan of Go GTS Live, Jason of Steel City Scoop and Vince of That Sports Card Show Podcast.

It could be streamed live and also watched on YouTube, but it was in the middle of longer streams.  Yesterday on the Go GTS Live YouTube page, video of just the roundtable itself was posted.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.


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