LISTEN: Sports Card Radio Show #194

From the Sports Card Radio site:

“The podcast returns this week in it’s normal 1 host form. I have a new computer so the audio might sound just a bit different. On today’s Sports Card Show podcast we discuss the Topps Crossover set. We discuss if Panini actually has a Flagship set to collect? COMC Q4 selling/pricing strategy is discussed further as we move into a fun buying/selling portion of the year. I discuss many NFL rookies, including Tyler Boyd, Treadwell, Prescott, Goff and others. I discuss why putting up checklist/endless content isn’t converting like it used to. I give some specific stocks I’ve been buying.”

Click the link below to get to to the site and listen.  Enjoy!

Show #196 Topps + Panini Flagship? + COMC + More

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