Local Sports Card Show Bounty

I’ve been a little delayed in posting this, but I knew I’d get to it eventually.  At the monthly Johnson Sports Promotions Dallas Show in May, I picked up a few low dollar items.  I go most months and it just seems that I spend the most money (however little or much it may be) with the same seller.  The May show was no exception, as all of these cards except one were picked up from him.  He didn’t make the June show, so I left the show empty-handed (well, as it pertains to cards).


I don’t know much about these and if anyone has any info, I would certainly appreciate it.  There were probably 100 of these, but these were the two that came home with me.  When I first was introduced to baseball, it was by my uncle and grandma in Alabama.  They were Braves fans.  Dale Murphy was the man.  Hence, Dale Murphy was my first “favorite player.”  I don’t actively collect him, but every once in awhile I will see something and pick it up.  When legends autos started getting popular in the early 2000s, I picked up a few of his autos.  Through selling off most of my collection and leaving the hobby a couple of times, they managed to stay with me and are still a part of my collection.  Unless I decide someday that I am truly leaving the hobby, they will remain a part of my collection.

The Huff I picked up just because he is a former West Virginia Mountaineer.  Typically I only want former Mountaineers in their WVU uniforms, but I made an exception.  For one, it’s tough to find players from the “old days” in anything other than pro uniforms.  Secondly, it was just a cool, oddball piece and I couldn’t resist.


Though I say that I typically only keep former Mountaineers in the WVU uniforms, obviously I made an exception that day.  I have enough Steve Slaton Texans cards to last me a lifetime, but this one is a promo of some sort, so for a couple of bucks, I decided to pick it up.  I doubt it’s rare, but I hadn’t seen one before.

Owen Schmitt may be my all-time favorite Mountaineer.  My fellow Mountaineers understand why, others may not.  So, I give you this:

The Kay-Jay Harris was picked up from my friend Rich (Twitter – @sabrgeek).  He had found it going through one of his many monster boxes and held it back for me.  I may not like Harris, but the card has found a new home.


As a kid, I loved the Oilers.  That Run n’ Shoot offense was just fun to watch and those baby blue uniforms were awesome.  I can still rattle off the names of those receivers to this day.  For a couple of bucks, I wasn’t passing up the Warren Moon.

The Brodeur, I picked up for no other reason than as a trader.  It’s numbered to 199 so I am sure there’s a collector out there that would like to add it to his or her PC.

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