Low condition Frank Gatski for the PC

Looking for mostly vintage cards lately I’ve discovered that some of them are priced high, at least in regards to “book” value. The 1955 Bowman Frank Gatski is one of them.  Multiple postings for raw copies on eBay are asking more than high book value.  I don’t know if this is sellers asking more than market, or if “book” value is actually low.  I am sure I will learn in time.

I already have a copy of this card that I probably picked up 15 years ago.  I had it graded a few months ago and it came back a lower grade than I anticipated, but you’ll have that.  I am not looking to sell it, so it really doesn’t matter to me.

I’ve been looking to pick up some more copies, but only at a reasonable price.  I haven’t seen any good condition ones that were at a comfortable price, but I did pick this one up off eBay.


I’m fully aware of the low quality of the card.  I got the card for $2.23, which included shipping.  At that price, I think it’s a steal since it’s for my PC.  It was a great transaction and I received the card very quickly.  If you’re interested to see the seller’s other items, you can find them here.

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