Low Grade Vintage Pickups from COMC

I received a package from COMC last week and have broken them into multiple posts.  The highlight of the entire shipment the 1935 National Chicle Ken Strong.  This post is about the other vintage football cards I picked up (excluding some 1955 All-Americans that I will post another day).

1948 Leaf #41A Harry Szulborski – Orange Pants

I have a couple of 1949 Leaf cards, but this is my first from the 1948 set.  I picked it up just because of the low price ($1.75).  There are two variations of this card, just like most of the other cards in the set.  This is the “Orange Pants” version, which is more common than the “Yellow Pants.”  High book value is $30 on this, so I am pretty happy with the card for that price, despite the condition.

1950 Bowman #57 John Cochran

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the guy that defended O.J. Simpson in his trial.  As I was cropping the scans for this post, I had a “huh, that’s cool” moment when I saw Cochran’s residence as Fairfield, Alabama.  Fairfield is just a few minutes from where my grandmother lived in Birmingham and we traveled through any time we went to see my aunt, uncle and cousins.  The card has a HBV of $25, making it a steal, in my opinion, for $1.

1950 Bowman #48 John Rauch

Last week I tweeted a picture of the 1952 Topps Johnny Mize card mentioning how beautiful of a card it was.  I feel exactly the same about this one.  The look of night, fog and the lights just drew me in when I saw it.  At $1.75 for a card with a HBV of $25, it had to be mine.

1951 Bowman #44 John Rauch

Team logos were simply much better in the early days of pro football.  The New York Yanks logo isn’t so much a logo on this card, but I thought it was really cool.  Since I’d already picked up the 1950 Bowman Rauch, I didn’t have to think much about this one.  At $1.75 (HBV $20), this one was also coming to me.

1951 Topps Magic #39 Ralph Staub

I believe that this is the first Topps Magic card that I’ve picked up.  I’ve never heard of Staub (he only has one card) and he played at Cincinnati, but for $1.15, it was worth the pick up.

1972 O-Pee-Chee CFL #107 Ed Williams

If you read the blog frequently, you’ve already seen this card a couple of times.  I’ve picked up both raw and graded copies of the card.  I actually bought this copy (for $0.75) before the others, but it was still at COMC because I’d not requested a shipment yet.

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