Mailday – 1948 Leaf Charley Trippi

When I first saw that Charley Trippi was still signing autographs through the mail, I took a look to see what vintage cards I could find of his.  All were at a price higher than I was looking to pay.  Persistence paid off, though.  I posted a couple of weeks ago about picking up a low grade 1950 Bowman.  A couple days later, I came across this beauty on Facebook.

I shouldn’t have ended up with it, but a great collector allowed me to get it.

I missed the auction end time by 6 minutes.  I hadn’t even seen the post until then.  It only received one bid.  I posted something about being disappointed that I missed it.  Later, the collector that won it said that I could have it for his bid, if that was okay with the seller.  Usually I would have passed because “rules are rules,” but I’ve dealt with the guy that had won it and I really wanted the card.  Mike is one of the good guys in the hobby.  The seller, Vic, was great as well.  I received the card VERY quickly and well packaged.

1948 Leaf Charley Trippi #29
1948 Leaf Charley Trippi #29 (back)


I picked this up to send off and it will be out in the next day or so.  It’s going out with 1950 and 1955 Bowman cards.  Hopefully I receive the correct cards back.  It seems Mr. Trippi has sent back some wrong cards.  I would be disappointed to get something else back, but I’m happy that he is still signing!

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