#Mailday – A Lot of Andrew Shaw Cards

I’m not sure why, but it’s tougher now than it was 15 years ago to find lots of an individual player, at least for me.  Perhaps it’s a product of PC-ing a player that doesn’t even have 150 cards (total) yet.

GALLERY:  The Andrew Shaw Project

When I stumbled on this lot of Shaw cards, I knew that if the price was right, it would be mine.


Three rookies and another card numbered out of 99.  I would love to find more lots like this.  I don’t collect quantity in Shaw cards, but I do pick up rookies when I can get them at the right price.

Collectors should keep in mind that there are players out there that might be interested in lots.  Are you going to get as much out of a lot as if you sell each card by itself?  Of course not.  However, if you aren’t going to be able to sell all of them because shipping doesn’t justify purchasing the card or another reason, why not lot them up and try to move them?  Get rid of dead inventory and snag a few bucks that you can put toward something else you want.

What good is “dead” inventory doing you, regardless of “value?”

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