Mailday…and Another Project?

There’s something about vintage cardboard.  I love it.  One set I love more than most is the 1950 Bowman Football set.  Cards today are just photographs with a border.  Whoop-dee-do.  Cards used to be basically works of art. That’s what drew me to this.

Linemen don’t typically get cards anymore.  This is a center in his stance, ready to snap the ball.  Maybe it’s because I was a center.  Maybe it’s because it’d because it looks like a painting.  Maybe it’s the trees and sky in the background.  I don’t know, but it’s a beautiful card.

1950 Bowman Bill Johnson #72 PSA 5

I know what a “rainbow” is considered.  I’m going to work on a rainbow on this card.  I want to attempt to pick up one in every PSA grade.  Why?  I think it will be fun and challenging.  The hobby is supposed to be about fun, right?

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