Mailday: Bryan Clauson & Bill Alsup Autographs

Kin Kinsley
August 27, 2016

Later today I am going to No Limits, TX (yes, it’s a town) for the completion of the IndyCar Firestone 600 race.  There is an autograph signing and I’m not sure if I will go just for that or stay for the race itself.  It will likely be a game-time decision.

In the last few months, I have become friends with a great guy and great collector, Mike.  I’ve mentioned him in some previous posts but if you’re new to the site, just know that Mike has the most impressive collection of Indianapolis 500 driver autographs that is know.  A couple of days before the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500, the Indianapolis Star published a piece about his collection.

When the (first part of the) race ran in June, I volunteered to get some autographs for him.  There’s a second chance at it, and again Mike sent me some items.  Like the first time, he included a couple of small gifts for me.  They are much more appreciated than I can express.


Bryan Clauson died on August 7th from injuries sustained in a wreck the night before.  I had met Bryan and he had signed a couple of cards for me.  I took the news of his death pretty hard, though I had just met him once.  I wrote a post about it the day after his passing.  If you are interested to read it, you can click the link below.

LINK:  Bryan Clauson (1989-2016): Reflection, Thoughts & A Few Cards

Former Indy 500 driver Bill Alsup was killed in a crane accident just two days after Clauson died.  It was eerie for me because just a few weeks prior, I had received a TTM autograph request back for him.  He even told me that if I found his other card to send it and he’d be happy to sign it.  Unfortunately, I won’t get that opportunity.

LINK:  Unexpected Autograph Mailday (Bill Alsup)


I’m pretty sure you will read this, Mike.  Thank you so much.  It truly is appreciated.  I promise to give both of these pieces a great home and help preserve this small amount of Indianapolis 500 history.

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