#Mailday from a Trade Initiated by a Prior Post

A few weeks ago, I posted a box break of four boxes of 1998-99 UD Choice Hockey and messaged me to ask if I ended up with a few particular cards.  I did end up with a couple of them and certainly wanted to make a trade.  At the end of the day, he was going to end up with the cards.  I wasn’t going to keep them back.

Since the cards he wanted booked for about a buck, I wanted to make it a little bigger.  After looking through his trade list, there wasn’t too much I was interested in.  This was the one piece that caught my eye.


The card books $15, if I remember correctly.  He took a look back through and found a couple of lower end insert that actually booked about $20 total.  I wasn’t worried about the difference, so we made it happen.  I’m always take a Blackhawks rookie and I love the Black Diamond Rubies, since they are Hawks colors.

He also added in two football cards that he knew I’d enjoy.


In the last couple of years I’ve decided to part with most of my cards of former Mountaineers in their pro uniforms.  However, I always love the ones of them in the old gold and blue.  I think I’m holding onto my Sims Buccaneers cards just a bit longer, as I’ve heard he’s in line to be their starting running back this season.  I’m not being greedy, but the way I look at it, I can put any money I get from them into something else I’d prefer to have.  That’s just good old collecting common sense.

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