#Mailday from British Columbia

I’m way behind on my mailday pieces, there’s no doubt.  The trade in this post is from mid-April.  Maybe I’ve let it go because there are no HUGE PC items in it.  Why did I make the trade then?  I used my head.  Dale contacted me on Sports Card Forum because he was interested in some Canucks cards in my traders bucket.  They weren’t cards I’d had interest in previously, so I wanted to make a deal if I could.  Ultimately, I traded off 14 cards and got five in return, so it was an up-trade.


I picked this one up maybe for me, and maybe for my lady.  This is a woman that doesn’t collect cards, but knows her hockey.  She actually had a perfect bracket in the NHL Bracket Challenge until the Rangers lost.  She has picked EVERY other series correctly however.  She’s into hockey again after being out for a few years.  When she was before, her two favorite players were Mike Modano and Derian Hatcher.  As much as I can’t stand the cheap shot artist Hatcher, it was a pretty easy choice to pick up.  I actually think I may have one of these from COMC waiting to be shipped.


If you have any question as to why I picked this up, you don’t know me and haven’t been reading the blog.  This is only my second one of these, though.


Living in the Arlington/Fort Worth/Dallas area since September, I have become a Stars fan.  I would never pull for them over the Hawks, I’m very happy with them as my number two squad.  While Chiasson is no longer with the Stars, Roussel is.  It’s also hard signed.  If I decide not to keep it, I might be able to trade it off to someone local.


While he doesn’t claim Indianapolis, Jack Johnson was born there.  I lived in Indy for eight years and started to collect some of the players from the area (also John-Michael Liles and Cameron Schilling) from time to time.  This is the first Johnson auto I have and I wouldn’t have picked it up if it was a sticker.


I won’t say I’m ever disappointed to add a Mario Lemieux to my PC, but I kind of am this time.  I know that this was supposed to be a different one, but by the time we got all the details finalized, he had traded off the Lemieux that I really wanted.  Ah well, it’s life.  I still like this one because of both the canvas look of the card and also how it reminds me of the “Diamond Kings” cards I love so much in my younger days.

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