Mailday from @SAGECards – And We Pass on the Love (Giveaway)

I checked the mail when I got home from work today and a bubble mailer from SAGE was there.  I was one of the chose followers that won cards that night.  Thank you, SAGE!

What I’ve decided to do is pass along the love!  Below is the card that I won, and I am going to give it away to one of our followers.



I’m giving the base cards to my nephew that collects.  He’s going to love them!  You can win the Hunter Henry autograph, if you follow the contest rules.

1.)  You must follow us @beansbcardblog on Twitter.

2.) You must follow SAGE on Twitter @SAGECards.

3.) You must retweet the original tweet of this story.  That is where the winner will be taken from.

We will select a random winner and once it’s verified that they have met all contest rules, we will let them know!  The contest will end…sometime in the next week.  So, get on the follows and retweets !

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