#Mailday – My first Clouts’n’Chara trade

I’ve been trading a bit more the last few months and am trying to make even more trades to work on my PC.  A couple of months ago I joined Clouts’n’Chara and when I got these cards back, completed my first trade.  The trade took awhile to complete, as there were some other cards I wanted but then the trader couldn’t find.  I am still happy with the trade, though, since I traded off some expendable pieces.

img873 img874

I’m sure that it’s obvious why I picked up the Teravainen.  It was the key piece to the trade.  I was actually trying to acquire a couple of other ones as well, but those were the ones I was told must have already been traded away.  While Clendening has been traded away, I picked this one up because it was a two color Blackhawks piece and numbered to 99.  To my surprise, it was actually a three color.  There is just the smallest amount of white in the upper right corner.  It was definitely a pleasant surprise.

img876 img875

I needed to pick up some fillers to complete the trade, so these were two of them.  I still haven’t sorted the 2013-14 SP Authentic that I bought.  Yes, I’ve had them for a year.  It’s been a busy year and I just haven’t gotten to it.  I thought about working on the Silver Skates set, so I went ahead and snagged this.  Similarly, I want to put together all of the Canvas sets for the Stars and Blackhawks down the line.  I picked up the Lehtonen even though I think I may already have it.  If that’s the worst thing that happens in a day, it’s a good day!


Finally, I just picked this one up to add to my small Mario Lemieux PC.  It’s nothing special, but like with most of the other cards in this trade, I needed to even up the trade.  He will be among friends in my collection.

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