#Mailday – The 2014-15 Fleer Ultra Hockey Redemptions are LIVE!

The best maildays are the unexpected ones.  I couldn’t even figure out WHAT I was getting from Upper Deck, until I opened it.  You would think I’d remember, since I only bought one box and hit the #1 card in a Gold Medallion and also the #4.  I’d say that was a pretty good box.


I had thought about selling the redemptions on eBay, but seeing the Jonathan Drouin Gold Medallion at only about $30 and the Leon Draisaitl at only around $5, I decided to redeem them myself.  With the Edmonton Oilers winning the number one overall pick, that might be a good choice.  Edmonton will draft Connor McDavid.  If they don’t, downtown Edmonton might look like current day Baltimore.  This will allow Edmonton to potentially trade one or two of their younger studs and make way for Draisaitl, who could play alongside McDavid.

It was certainly a fantastic mailday!

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