When a Gem Isn’t Actually Pristine

Earlier today, Blowout Buzz posted an article about a 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan / Jerry Koosman on eBay. However, this wasn’t any ol’ 1968 Topps rookie card that someone found at a yard sale and posted for sale. This one was listed at over $1 million and has been given the grade of 98 (on a 1-100 scale) by SGC. In other words, they graded it as gem mint and as a comparison, an SGC 98 would crossover to BGS as a 9.5 and to PSA as a 10.

This is indeed a rare card!

Based on what you can see in the picture above, the front of the card does indeed look like a card that could grade very high. The centering looks even. The corners seem sharp. It’s a very attractive card.

The issue I have is with the back of the card. It is clearly not a centered card. Being that it’s centered 30/70 at best on the back, why would SGC grade this card as a 98 gem mint? It’s anyone’s guess why it earned the grade it did but there has always been a rumor surrounding the grading of vintage cards by companies such as SGC, BGS (or BVG), and PSA. That rumor is that the fronts of vintage cards weigh more heavily in the overall grade especially if the front has substantial eye-catching appeal.

As is the case with the card pictured, the front is fantastic and while the back is somewhat off-centered, it supposedly doesn’t detract enough from the overall appeal of the card to lower the grade.

In my opinion, I’ve always hated when grading companies do this. A card graded as gem mint or pristine should be exactly that. It shouldn’t look “pretty good” and given a higher grade than it deserves because the card is desirable and eye-catching, especially if someone is going to list it at $1.2 million! Each grade should be treated equally and the back should count towards the grade as much as the front does.

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Show Off Your USA Baseball Cards & You Could Win a Prize!

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet. This weekend, citizens all across our great country will be celebrating their independence by gathering with friends and family, eating some great food, watching parades, and enjoying some evening fireworks. 

But, we at Bean’s Ballcard Blog want you to celebrate the Fourth of July in a different way: by showing off your favorite USA Baseball card! One lucky “show off” will win a sealed 2010 Topps USA Baseball Retail complete set!

Here’s how to enter:

Simply post a picture to our Twitter account @beansbcardblog using the hashtag #usacardshowoff for your chance to win!  It can be a card in your collection or simply one of your favorites. It doesn’t matter to us! 

Deadline to enter is July 11, 11:59pm EST. 

Limit one entry per Twitter account!

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To get this started, here’s one of my favorite USA Baseball cards. It’s a card I own and I pulled it myself from a box of Panini USA Baseball Champions!