More 1955 All-American Pickups from Nick’s

Yesterday I posted some card show pickups from a week ago.  On the way home from the show, I decided to stop in at Nick’s Sports Cards.


I wanted to see if they had any vintage racing cards similar to the T36 or Ogden’s cards that I picked up recently.  They didn’t, but there were still some All-American cards that I needed for my set.

#25 – Cas Myslinski

If you read my last post about the last All-American COMC pickup, you may recall this card.  I picked up one that was in good shape on the front, but was destroyed on the back.  I never even put it into my set and just decided to put it into my traders.  So, this is one more for the set!

#30 – Wes Fesler

This one isn’t an upgrade, it’s one that I just needed for the set.  Once I got it home and scanned it, I realized it wasn’t in as good of shape as I thought when I was looking at the shop.  No worries, tough.  I’ll just upgrade it down the road!

#42 – Eddie Tryon

I also thought this was in better condition than it is.  My scanner certainly magnifies imperfections.  However, this is a card with a $40 “book” value and I’m not unhappy about picking it up at all.

#71 – Bob Wilson

Like the Cas Myslinki above, I also picked up a copy of this on my last COMC order.  This one was an upgrade, however.  It’s not in perfect shape, but an upgrade is an upgrade!

#88 – Ralph Kercheval

It’s not in great condition, but a $5 set pickup is a good one!


I also picked this up just because I am going to start trying some TTM autographs.  I’m not a fan of autos on the glossy cards and needed another Petty that might look better.  I’ve procrastinated on getting started for awhile.  It’s probably about time.  I’m just not good at finding said time.

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