More COMC 1955 Topps All American Pickups

I’ve been a bad boy.  When I initially decided to put together this set, I said that I was going to put it together in person.  I’ve bought more off of COMC that I intended to.  This shipment I picked up a few cheap cards that I thought could be potential upgrades on some existing cards I have.  I also picked up a few in hopes that I can trade them down the road.  I’ve discovered that there are a lot of people working on this set.

Card #5 – Bob Grayson

With the low prices on the three of these, I went ahead and picked up all of them.  I felt that one of them might be an upgrade for the copy that I had.   Despite the rounded corners on the second and third cards, they were better then my existing copy, which had a crease through the middle of it.  Ultimately, I am moving the top one into my set.  It has the best centering and corners of all of them.  The other two and the original will all move into my traders bucket.

Card #25 – Cas Myslinksi

You should always make sure to look at both sides of the card.  I have no idea how I missed that.  I needed this one for my set, but I’m just going to send this one straight to the trader bucket.  I will get another one.  Not a big deal.

Card #44 – Ed Garbisch

This was one that I picked up as a potential upgrade, but wasn’t.  The one currently in my set has some minor print spots, but this one that I just received has a minor crease in it.

Card #50 – Ken Kavanaugh

I had passed on this one in the past because of the front.   I decided to go ahead and pick it up this time, since I didn’t have one for the set.  Like many others, it will be upgraded later.

Card #60 – Tiger Hill

I picked this one up knowing that the one in my set had some minor blue print marks.  I’ve decided to keep that one for my set because it has better corners and edges.  To the traders bucket this one goes!

Card #71 – Bob Wilson

This was one I just needed for a set, so it didn’t matter TOO much what grade it was in.  It is going into the set, but only temporarily.  You will find out why in an upcoming post.

Card #73 – Paul Governalli

This was another card that I needed for the set.  I picked up the first one, but then saw the second one that was in better condition.

Card #87 – Germany Schulz

It’s not often that a card looks a lot better in a picture than it does in person.  That is the case with this one, though.  It’s just bad and is going directly into the trader bucket even though I don’t have another copy.

I found it interesting that the player goes by “Germany” and his given name is Adolph.  I’m going to guess that it’s not coincidence.

Card #94 – Chuck Bernard

We wrap this post up with another one that I needed for the set.  I was delighted to get a card with a $40 book value for $2.20.

After this pickup, I am 58% complete (59 of 102) on the set.  That does not count the two cards I picked up on this transaction and sent straight to the trader bucket.  Slowly but surely, I’m making progress!

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