Multiple Maildays From One Fellow Collector

Every once in awhile I receive main from Jason and I never know what’s going to be inside.  We each find things from time to time that the other would want and we send them.  No need for “I’ll give you (this and this) for (this and this).”  All three of these came at separate times.


I casually collect Matt Elam cards.  I don’t go out of my way, but if I come across one at a cheap price, I will pick it up.  Jason knows this.

When I worked in the corporate office of The Finish Line, he spoke at one of our big meetings and then the next day, was being shown around our office and I briefly spoke to him.  He was a very polite and well spoken young man.  I immediately was a “fan,” just like I am of Darrelle Revis (for the same reasons) from when he shopped in a store a ran.


I’m mentioned Dale Murphy in the past.  When I first got into baseball, the Braves were my favorite team and Murphy was the man.  He was my first “favorite” player, until he was no longer a Brave.  Like with Elam, I don’t actively search for his cards, but I will pick them up if I come across them at the right price.

Thanks, Jason!

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