My 1985 Topps Baseball Obsession

***This post was written by Gary and it’s his first post.  I love reading about what people collect, and why.  Personally, I feel this is a very touching post and I hope that you will too.  You will understand why he collects this set, if you just take the time to read it.  

I think you will enjoy it and I hope that you will give him some kind words.  It can encourage him to continue writing and working on this awesome project.*** -Kin

In 1985 my father was working for Santa Fe railroad. Times were getting tough and shifts were getting slim. He was driving all over Texas to places like Gainesville and sometimes was away for weeks. He decided to make extra money by purchasing a dump truck. This way he could work odd hours and make a little extra cash on the side. Many times I went with my dad to see how this giant truck worked and was his wing man.

After work was done we always stopped at a place called Mott’s in Burleson, Texas. It was on the way home and I could pick out two packs of baseball cards and hide them before my brother or sister could see when we arrived. My favorite cards were the 1985 Topps cards because of the big logos and action pictures. Several trips in, a collection was growing. We tried in secret to pull our favorite player, Buddy Bell. I hid my cards with my 45 records so no one could find them.


Then on July 13th my father got called in to work with a promise of a decent paycheck. As he pulled off I waved to my old man for the last time. He was in an accident that night at work. My world was crushed. Three days after that Buddy Bell was sent to Cincinatti in a trade that left me numb from baseball. I was a kid not  knowing my place in this world. All I could do was look at my 1985 Topps cards and remember the fun my dad and I shared.

Together…..I am now a father and my greatest gift I hope to give my son one day is a piece of my childhood. A gift that takes hours and effort to pass on to him. I’ve been working on getting every card autographed from the 1985 Topps set. Every card has a story and these cards got me thru hard times. It reminded me that you can always revist your childhood, even if it’s just for a moment







  1. Great post! I collect for similar reasons as well. I used to share the hobby with my grandpa. Now that I’m a father, my son and I share the hobby like I did with my grandpa as a child. Autographs, cards, all types of collectibles. It brings back all the great memories

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